Everything Sexy is the brainchild of Arpit Chhabra. Everything Sexy, as the name suggests, is everything---sexy. Is it a studio? Sure, we provide design services to everyone looking create some exciting stuff. Is it a store? Sure, one-of-one products of all kind, be it clothing, lifestyle, home-decor, etc. 
The idea is to live a life, that’s sexy as hell.

In My Head Poster concept.

I Have Depression Poster concept. 

TAN-4A Cyber Girl. 

N2Deep Poster concept. 

Dick Couches concept. 

Cloth Simulation experiment. 

Self Portraits.

Exhibition Concept for Bhavya Ramesh Jewllery. 

Parliment Tropical Splash Poster concept.  

Chrome Penises Poster concept. 

Random Squiglies. 

A very sexy metro ride.

Cloth Simulation experiments. 

The Ear-Hair Clip.

Human Chandelier.

Drake CLB championship ring concept.